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Technical School

from: Forsgrens

I never did very well in school when I was growing up. It was difficult for me to pay attention, and I don't really have a mind for literature. I would always zone out in class, and I never felt engaged with what was going on. I am a pretty hands-on kind of learner, and unfortunately I went to a pretty hands off kind of school. Everything was direct instruction and that was that. You were expected to study for the test, memorize everything you could, and regurgitate information for the teachers. It was not, needless to say, an environment designed for me to succeed in.

When I enrolled in a technology school after graduating, I had a chance to turn everything around.  I'm pretty happy with how my parents helped me out with things. I didn't really know anything about technical schools. To tell you the truth, I always thought that I was pretty stupid because I didn't do well in primary school. In my junior year, however, my parents took me on a tour of the local technical school. I was able to watch how people learned and what they did. Everything at the technical school was hands on. Sure, there was some memorization work involved, but it was all attached to real-world things. It made it more concrete, perfect for someone like me.

It was really difficult for me to decide what technical school to go to. Part of me wanted to start working right after school. I wanted to enroll in an online degree program, figuring that I could do my studies while making some money at the same time. My parents talked me out of it, and I am glad that they did. Although online degree programs are good for some people, I don't think it would have been the right decision for me. Earning a degree online is good for people who are self-motivated and good at learning from textbooks. At the local technical school, however, I was able to get personal hands-on instruction. That was much more in harmony with my learning style.

To be honest, that technical school turned my life around. Not only did it give me a good career opportunity, but it also showed me that I could succeed. I had always believed that I was stupid, but at the technical school I learned that there were things that I was very good at. It was just a matter of finding the right educational' program.

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