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An adult education course can be found in virtually every subject in the entire spectrum of the education system. Adults are going back to the class room in ever increasing numbers and this trend is increasing each year. This has spawned a new role in the education system, that of the Adult Education Teacher.

There is now a course of study for educators who wish to specialize in adult education. Course work for this specialization requires 15 hours in 5 core courses. The program invites anyone who has a desire to teach adults or work with adults in an educational setting. This program does not require a prior degree and is useful for teachers in all areas of adult education, from enrichment courses to remedial academic courses.

An adult education course is structured differently than courses designed for children. Adults have life experiences that must be taken into account in the educational setting and different needs for the course work. Adults also have time constraints that do not effect students who have not yet entered the working world.

An adult education course can take many different forms. One method for teaching an adult education course is an independent learning environment. This environment allows the adult student to study at a time that suits the studentís schedule. In an independent learning environment, the student and teacher meet at regular intervals to plot the course of the studies and review the studentís completed areas of studies. This type of course is well suited to adults who prefer working alone, as well as adults who are unable to commit to a set class schedule.

An intensive short adult education course will compact a course that would normally last an entire semester into a shorter period of time. This type of course is well suited to adults who already have some knowledge of the subject and for adults who are able to devote a larger amount of time to the course for a short period of time.

Finding the right adult education course can be a challenge for some adults who often require the assistance of an advisor to understand the prerequisites of the courses. Some courses are aimed at complete beginners and the student will need no prerequisite studies. There are also courses that are aimed at students who have either completed prerequisite studies or who have some prior learning experience in the workplace in the subject.

Some of the most popular adult education courses are, predictably, in Business, Computer Science and Education. Paralegal courses and nursing courses are also in great demand. These courses are in addition to the constant demand for adult education courses in basic reading, writing and math skills.

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