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Defining Education Career


What exactly does ‘education career’ mean? Some automatically relate this to teaching, but in all reality, it’s not that simple or basic. Nearly every profession available in the world today is considered an ‘education career’ due to the fact that some level of training is required to perform it. From the simplest of career choices to the highest aspiration you can think of, you must have some knowledge and/or skills to get a job.

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Now, let’s look at some basic facts when it comes to career choices and the education necessary to acquire and maintain your dream job.

The simplest definition of ‘education career’ is that of a teacher. However, even teaching has different levels in which to aspire. Basic teaching requires at minimum a certificate labeling you as an ‘expert’ in your field. From a Batchelor of Science (BS) degree to a Masters or even PHD, higher levels of teaching require higher levels of education.

Once upon a time you could work as a customer sales representative (CSR) in the insurance industry and only the owner and/or agent had to have any formal education and a license. Now, whether in life & health or property and casualty, personal lines or commercial, everyone who works in an agency or for an insurance agent must have a license. Getting and maintaining a job in insurance requires initial education to be licensed as well as continuing education courses to renew.

Food Service

Though most fast food restaurants will employ high school students or even high school dropouts, you must possess the most basic of skills to do be able to run a cash register, understand safety measures and obey the rules and regulations of your employer.

Once was a time when you could entrust your children with the teenager next door. Today, child care providers require extensive training and licensing. Though not always the case, many states will not allow someone to keep another person’s child or children without basic training and parenting skills.

Parenting can even be defined as an education career since you are responsible for teaching your children how to live in the society in which they are raised.

So regardless of whether your ideal career is in education, child care, or something more influential, chances are you’ll need some level of formal training to obtain and maintain your job.


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