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Education Career Opportunities


As with most folks, I immediately think of teaching positions when it comes to education career opportunities. But let’s think outside the box here. All professions are ‘education career opportunities’ since nearly every occupation nameable requires a certain amount of education from its employees.

Now that we’ve determined that there is more to education career opportunities than teaching, let’s explore some of them. We’ll begin with the obvious.

Career Opportunities In Elementary Education:

Teaching is the most traditional career in education. Opportunities begin as early as nursery school and extend into adulthood. Below is a list and brief description of education career opportunities for those thinking of becoming a teacher.

Nursery School; you may not think you can teach babies much, but the truth is that learning begins in the nursery. Some daycares or ‘nursery schools’ begin teaching toddlers shapes, colors, numbers, and songs.

Pre-K; Ages 3-4 Pre-K is actual preparation for kindergarten. Most children graduate pre-k knowing their name, address, phone number, numbers, as well as all of their shapes and colors.

Kindergarten; Ages 5-6. Kindergarten students learn basic reading and writing.

Elementary School; Grades 1-5; These children continue learning from basic to advanced reading and writing, math, science and physical education. Music and art are usually introduced in these grades also.

Career Opportunities In Secondary Education:

Middle –or Junior High- School; Grades 6-8/9; Continuing their studies of basic subjects, students in middle school are also introduced to things like home economics, banking and social skills.

High School; Grades 9/10-12; Students are prepared for college. Most must earn a minimum number of ‘credits’ in the basic studies as well as foreign language in order to graduate and enter college.

Vocational or Technical School; Following high school students who attend a vocational or technical school are prepared to enter directly into the workforce. Many of these institutes offer an associate degree in careers such as Accounting and Drafting. Some even offer CNA and LPN courses.

Junior College; In many instances, students will attend a junior college to obtain an Associate of Arts Degree in basic studies which then transfer over into the college level.

University; Also noted as ‘higher education’ university degrees often take four to six years depending on the profession chosen.

Special Education Career Opportunities

Let’s not forget those unique individuals who teach children and adults with handicaps and/or disabilities.

Health Education Career Opportunities

From A to Z, there are nearly 100 opportunities to work in the healthcare industry as an educator of some sort.

These are just a few prospects available to those interested in any type of career in education.

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