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Education Career Information About Physical Therapist


Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. Therefore, if it is your desire to become a physical therapist, it is imperative that you get as much information about the education necessary to pursue this career. Education career information about physical therapist opportunities can be found in numerous ways.

A quick Internet search using the words ‘education career information about physical therapist’ revealed over 2 million links! Other means of researching this occupation would be contacting your local Physical Therapy office and asking questions as well as talking with a guidance counselor in high school and/or the nearest college.

Youngsters desiring to work in this field should make Science the biggest part of their high school and college education. Career information about physical therapist skills can also be obtained by volunteering in a physical therapy setting. However, before concerning yourself with the education career information about physical therapist, let us first define the profession.

One of the fastest growing professions within the healthcare industry, physical therapists (PT’s) help patients with injuries as well as limited and permanent disabilities restore function and improve mobility. They also train people in the art of pain management through physical movement. Physical Therapists also help teach and promote overall health and well being through physical fitness.

Researching ‘education career information about physical therapist’ uncovered the fact that a person who desires to become a physical therapist must have a Masters and/or Doctoral degree from an accredited college or university. Although a highly paid profession, individuals wishing to be a physical therapist should be caring and compassionate. They also must possess exceptional people skills in order to teach patients as well as their family members about treatments.

Normal working hours for Physical Therapists are during the day, and in most instances, physical therapists work in a hospital or clinical environment. Physical therapists are also called upon to work with teachers, parents and other healthcare professionals to ensure proper classroom and home environments for children with physical disabilities.

People aspiring to become a Licensed Physical Therapist can often gain invaluable experience and knowledge by working as a physical therapist assistant. A Physical Therapist Assistant is responsible for overseeing much of the actual therapy that is prescribed by the physical therapist. Some duties of a PT Assistant are massages, electrical stimulation and traction.

For more education career information about physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant positions, contact the American Physical Therapy Association. Other resources for education career information about physical therapist are Special Ed Careers (dot) org, Health Care Monster (dot) com, and Career Planning (dot) com.


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