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What Constitutes Education Career Counseling Resources


A simple definition of ‘education career counseling resources’ is any way, method, process, measure, agency, channel, course or instrument you utilize in order to gain the knowledge necessary to make a clear and concise decision regarding your lifelong career. As with any subject, resources come in a variety of forms and are obtained by numerous means.

Where To Find Education Career Counseling Resources

First and foremost, education career counseling resources are very likely to be found right in your very own neighborhood, community, town or city.

Libraries: Have volumes of information on education, career, and counseling. Resources such as Vocational Biographies, Computer programs and Internet usage are a few ideas of the where you can utilize the wealth of knowledge available at your local library.

Schools: Elementary, middle, high school and colleges have personnel trained to provide students with education career counseling resources. Universities, Technical Colleges and Specialty Training Schools also offer counseling and resources to guide students in the process of determining and training for a career. Most universities also offer ‘leisure learning’ courses that enhance and increase the knowledge necessary to maintain your current employment.

Local Employment Agencies are another great place to obtain education career counseling resources.

State and Federal Employment Agencies also offer tons of methods and channels in which to gain education career counseling. Resources such as OJT (on-the-job-training) programs, career advancement training, and classes that teach you everything from how to write a resume to conducting yourself in an interview can be learned through most State and Federal Employment agencies.

Employers sometimes provide education and/or career counseling and resources to their employees in order to advance within the company. For example, an employer may offer to pay or reimburse its employees to continue or advance their education in order to promote from within. One industry that is known for encouraging continuing education in order to promote is the Banking and Finance industry. Banks will encourage tellers to increase their potential by attending a local college or university and taking accounting courses. Once an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree is earned, they will –in most instances- promote that person to a higher level of responsibility within the industry. Another example of this is the Insurance Industry. Most states require training and licensing in order to work in an insurance agency. Once the license is acquired, one must take continuing education courses in order to maintain their license.

Online: With the invention of the Internet, most universities can now be accessed and continuing education courses for most any degree can be done in your spare time.

Regardless of the career you choose, education career counseling resources are as close as your fingertips!


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