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Assistive Technology Training

from: Forsgrens

Studies have shown that learning disabled children benefit greatly from assistive technology products used in the classroom.  To that end many education majors and currently certified education professionals are seeking out assistive technology training in order to be aware of the products available on the market currently.
Assistive technology training helps professionals identify a child's specific learning disability need.  The Department of Education provides funding to allow for this assistive technology training in the hopes that more children will be able to overcome the barriers that hinder certain areas of development.
Assistive technology training begins with the educators learning what types of assistive technology equipment and products that is currently on the market and how each can help.  One example is an alternative keyboard.  This keyboard is designed using pictures to represent words and letters.  Visualization is an important key for a child to understand what the material being presented means and through this method it increases the rate at which the child learns.  He or she is not hindered by struggling through words and can instead begin to understand the concept.
Other items such as a software programs to help the hearing impaired or Braille translators are of enormous help within the classroom for those students that need them.  Online assistive technology training walks the teachers through how the technology works and allows them to see how, when implemented correctly, it can improve a child's performance dramatically.
It is important for the training to be much more than just an assistive technology certificate showing that the teacher is knowledgeable about technology used in education.  The modules learned must be implemented and reinforced at home by the parents.
Educators have long advocated that parental involvement is a huge factor in determining the success of a child and the learning disabled is no different.  In deed it could be said that they are the most in need of one-on-one help at home and need a strong support network.
Assistive technology training can be utilized by anyone that may need to learn more about helping a child.  Physical therapists, social workers, family members and even daycare workers can all benefit from knowing how certain products can enhance the learning environment. 
Many of the courses currently available can be found online and some are funded free of charge courtesy of grants from the Department of Education.  The local school can give advice on where to turn to learn more about assistive technology training as well as give recommendations for products that they use themselves in their classrooms.
The amount of help available is incredible and it is helping children daily within the classroom and at home.  There will continue to be more available as technology continues to develop and expand its boundaries and will ensure that no child is left behind.


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