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Ensuring a Healthy Environment through the Environmental Education Grant


While the genetic revolution has not yet run its full course, the next important era of scientific research has already reared its head. Environmental science is taking its place in the forefront of scientific news and politics and it gives no sign of sulking to the end of the line anytime soon. Future generations must be more environmentally conscious to both prepare for the still unknown consequences of past mistakes and prevent any further damage to the planet through new errors.

An environmental education grant is designed to address this issue. Again, these grants can either be given to individuals who wish to pursue environmental education, but more often they are given to institutions that wish to implement programs that teach about environmental issues, either directly or through other media, such as mathematical modeling or even literature.

The individual or institution seeking environmental education grant money must demonstrate why the money is needed and how the money will be put towards an environmental education-oriented goal. For individuals seeking money for post-secondary studies, oftentimes merely sending personal information is enough, though many more specific grants will require some kind of written statement explaining the need for the money. Often, individuals must meet residency, financial and academic requirements to be eligible for an environmental education grant and, at times, certain specific programs of study must be undertaken to be eligible for grant money.

In the case of institutions seeking environmental education grant money, the process is a bit more complex, involving a number of forms to be filled out and a proposal to be written. Proposals must give some background information, the purpose of the grant, the need for the grant, where the grant will be used and for whom (the target population), the strategies to implement the grant, the personnel employed, methods for evaluating the success of the project, and a budget. Depending on the specific project, then, there may be other, more particular, requirements.

Grants of this nature can be donated by the federal or state government, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, research institutions, funding institutions, corporations, or private individuals. is an excellent place to start the search, which is a site listing all Federal grants available ($400 billion are available) as is, the home page of the US Department of Education. The National Science Foundation and the US Environmental Protection Agency are two excellent organizations which should be consulted for an environmental education grant, as they are very keen on fostering environmental issues.

Internet searches are helpful, and sites such as,, and the Michigan State Library website are excellent sources for environmental education grant information. One of the best ways to research grant opportunities is to visit your regional foundation library, located at most major universities. Your local library will also have books listing grant opportunities, and you can consult with the librarian if you have any questions. These kinds of books will also be available either at your high school counselor’s office or your university’s financial aid office. You can purchase these books at book stores.

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