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from: 83 – Young Child Education

Many parents are unnerved by the idea of sending their toddlers to pre-school as their children may seem too young or the school system too structured. Parents may be more concerned with spending time at home with their children, ensuring their child has a proper home life rather than sending their children to school or placing them in young child education.

While a safe and loving home environment is of utmost importance to a child, a structured learning environment also has great benefits, allowing children to learn skills in their formative years that they can carry and apply throughout the rest of their lives.

It is important for parents to realize the value in socializing a young child. Education for young children is becoming more prevalent in today’s society as numerous studies are showing the importance of early childhood education. Experts in early education believe children to be capable of learning basic skills such as sharing, communicating and problem solving at very young ages, even as early as six months. Thus, by nurturing a child’s ability to learn and providing a venue for that learning to occur, parents can ensure their children will be more prepared socially and academically for further schooling.

Studies show that young child education not only helps children transition into grade school, it helps them excel while they are there. Children who attended preschool, on average, have higher grades, fewer retentions and are more likely to graduate from high school, than those who did not attend pre-school. They are likely to have a more positive image of the school setting and go on to pursue post-secondary training. Experts believe this is because the value of education is instilled in a child early on and becomes part of their normal life.

Children who attended pre-school are also shown to adapt more easily in social situations, as they have a greater self-esteem than whose who did not attend pre-school.

The importance of young child education cannot be stressed enough. Parents are likely to see positive changes in their children, such as greater emotional and social maturity, if children are attending pre-school.

Though it may be hard for parents to let their young children go to school, parents must remember the benefits of young child education. Look for a reputable pre-school and become familiar with that school’s policies and practises. Parents play a huge role in the development of their children. As such, parents should encourage their children to embrace young child education. Parents should remember to talk to their children about the importance of learning.

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