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Art child education paper research

from: Education is important to children. Children must learn the basics such as mathematics, science, reading and writing in order to succeed and pursue any higher learning. The basics, however, do not provide children with a well rounded education.

Schools tend to focus more on teaching subjects that include rules, such as spelling and mathematics. However, in order to expand their knowledge, children need art child education. Paper research shows that art education aids in the social development of children. Especially when children are in younger grades, art projects usually involve a group of students. Children learn to cooperate and work as part of a team through these group art projects.
Younger children develop hand-eye coordination and rhythm when concentrating on completing a piece of art or playing a musical instrument.
Art child education paper research also shows that through art classes children gain self esteem, self awareness and confidence. Each piece of work a child creates, be it a painting or sculpture, provides that child with a sense of accomplishment.
Art child education paper research shows that arts, including music and theatre, aid in the development of a child’s mind. Children who study art, music or theatre are more likely to succeed in other areas of school, such as languages and even mathematics.
Art child education paper research claims art classes, or specific art projects, can be instrumental in teaching children other subjects. Children can learn about the social sciences and study other cultures through an art project. Children might create art similar to the art created by other cultures. Children might also research the art of other cultures and share their findings with the class.
If your child’s school does not focus on the arts, look into finding a school that does, or enrol your child in an after-school arts program. Many community groups offer improve theatre for beginners, or group music lessons.
Private art or music lessons may also be an option. Art child education paper research indicates that parental involvement is important. As with any subject, parents should encourage their children to do homework. Set aside time and clear the necessary space for children to work on art projects.

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